Our Subscription Plans

How does it work??

The aim of Nutridock is to make healthy and nutritious meals accessible to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here is how our subscription-based meal delivery service works.

Share your health

Once you sign up, we ask you questions related to your lifestyle, medical conditions, height, weight, and personal food choices.

Get First Counselling Worth Rs.999/- Free With Our Nutritionist

Based on the details you have provided us; we will match you with an experienced nutritionist that fits your profile the best. The nutritionist will study your overall health and preferences in detail.

Contactless doorstep

Get your fresh meals delivered to your doorstep. Your trust is an integral part of our services. We make sure to follow all the Covid safety guidelines while the preparation as well as the delivery of your meals.

What will you get?

Tailor Made Nutrition

Our nutritionists create meal plans that are centered around your preferences, body type and medical conditions. The meals are, thus, customized to suit you.

Flavoursome Food

Nutridock is here to bust the myth of ‘healthy food can’t be tasty’. Our food, created by professional chefs, is always a delight for the senses.

Sustainable Plan

Our healthy meal plans are unlike those diets that stay in and out of fashion. Our meal plans have a long-term impact on your overall health. Nothing fad about them, they are here to stay for long!

Personalised Nutritionist

A personal nutritionist will be assigned to you to create your meal plans, monitor your health, tweak and tailor your diet, and undertake weekly checkups

80% Nutrition
20% Activity
100% results

Pure and Fresh

Eating a fresh and guilt-free meal does wonders for your body and mind. You experience bliss and increase in awareness and energy levels right after you eat a pure meal.

Perfect Portion

Meals packed with ingredients that satiate you for long.

Powerful Macros

Get power in every bite with the goodness of essential nutrients.

Delicious Taste

Now healthy eating is enjoyable too!